For every 12 pieces of adidas and TaylorMade you order in July from Bodek and Rhodes, you earn $25 in Dining Dough savings cards. Order 2 dozen, you get TWO cards for $25 in savings. Order 100 dozen - win 100 $25 cards to use yourself, as incentives for your reps or for client gifts!

  1. Place your order for adidas or TaylorMade brand merchandise from Bodek and Rhodes via online, phone or fax.
  2. You will receive official Dining Dough cards in the mail the second week in August - one $25 certificate for every 12 shirts you order during the promotion period.
  3. Visit the Dining Dough website to redeem your certificate and find participating restaurants in your area or exciting products and services from our online retailers.
  4. Just pick a place and print your certificate, then enjoy!

Yes. There are even spa certificates, flowers, fruit baskets, cookies, seafood, coffee, and barbecue certificates you can order as well with your Dining Dough savings card. It's all up to you or your recipients. See the full selection at

Yes, even a single order of 12 pieces applies. You'll receive one $25 certificate for every 12 pieces you order during the promotional period of July 1 through July 31, 2010.

Yes! Reward yourself, your reps, your staff and your buyers with this built-in incentive program. The more adidas and TaylorMade you buy from Bodek and Rhodes, the more cards you'll have to make everyone happy.

In most cases, certificates are good for one year from the date of purchase, although there are exceptions depending on the state you live in. For specific details, visit

Visit and enter your zip code to see all the places nearby that accept the savings cards.
Terms and Conditions
SALE DISCLAIMER: Sale in effect July 1st thru August 31, 2010. Prices listed above are wholesale case prices per piece and subject to change. In-stock items only; not applicable to backorders. Prices are for sizes up to XL. Call for prices on larger sizes. Bodek and Rhodes reserves the right to limit quantities. All sale prices reflect a wholesale cash or check discount. Please contact us for standard sale prices that apply to payments other than wholesale cash or check.