Corporate Headquarters Address:
Bodek and Rhodes
2951 Grant Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19114
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To Order:
Call in an order, check availability
or confirm status

Tel. 800-523-2721
Tel. 215-673-6767 EXT. 7503
Fax 800-531-9626
Fax 215-673-3719

Customer service assistance AFTER
you've received your order:

Tel. 800-265-3530
Fax 215-673-6838

Direct Access:
If you know a specific contact's extension
Tel. 800-877-9911
Tel. 215-673-6767
Credit Department:
For assistance with the status of a credit
application, applying for credit terms, or
credit limit increase
Tel. 800-877-9911, EXT. 7509
Fax 215-934-7601
Download Credit Application

Account Receivable Management
For assistance with statements, invoices,
payments, or payment options
Tel. 800-877-9911, EXT. 7510
Fax 215-673-9174
Download Credit Authorization

Contact us by e-mail:

Office Hours:
8:00 AM until 8:00 PM Eastern Time
Credit Cards:
For assistance with status of credit card,
credit card authorization, add/delete credit
card or credit card payment
Tel. 800-877-9911, EXT. 1434
Fax 800-360-7857